The Astronomer is launching a Kickstarter campaign!

In the midst of the holiday craziness, The Astronomer has big news. On January 12, The Astronomer is launching a Kickstarter campaign for the mastering and vinyl reproduction of the album ‘You Could Be Something When You Disappear.’ 

Each contribution level will be met with an exciting reward, including: guitar and songwriting lessons with Charles, demo recording sessions, online downloads of the record, and pre-orders of the vinyl album. 

To show our appreciation to you, each donation comes with a free download to the limited edition covers EP of the Astronomer performing songs by Big Star, Brian Eno, Townes Van Zandt, New Order and The Muppets. 

Follow the link for The Astronomer’s debut cover of Big Star’s “Take Care.”
Charles Kim, vocals/guitar/glockenspiel
geoffrey j dolce, violin
James Ross, upright bass
Nick Ross piano
Debbie Kaczynski piano

Stay tuned for more information and thanks for your support!